They believed they could and so they did!

Mark 5:36 Be not afraid only believe.

December 2019

Willie Richmond

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Only Believe Ministry

Only Believe Ministry is thrilled to announce that Sarah Abrams and her  family

are coming back to Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 13th! 

Come partake of the higher realms of  Heaven with Sarah as she speaks on

Celestial Beings! 

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Willie Richmond is the wife to a loving and generous husband, D K Richmond, and a doting mom and grandmother to 4 children and 11 grandchildren. 

 Having given her heart to the Lord in 2001 she has been faithful to obey the call to go out and make disciples of all men. She has a  modern day ecclesia, which is a new pattern of the administration of Heavenly government, here on Earth...thy kingdom come! Willie combines this with a mentoring program where men and women are encouraged to find their identity in Christ alone. She spends her days seeking the will of the Father in in the presence of Jesus. Her desire to see transformation in the hearts of God's creation has led her to an intimate journey into Sonship with the Trinity of God and His 7 Spirits. What she has heard in the secret place she shouts from the rooftops! Her relationship with the Holy Spirit has led her to unique places in the presence of great men. She has seen the dead raised, the sick healed, and the lame walk, giving all the glory to Father God and her Redeemer Jesus! A true lover of her Lord, she bears His seal upon her heart, which is evident in her daily walk with Him. It's impossible to get to know Willie without getting to know Jesus.